Lightmap Creative comes from the passion for technological innovation of two young architects, Niccolò Barberis and Mattia Colangelo, who met at the Milan Politecnico University, during their studies. After years of experience in large architectural firms in Italy, the Netherlands and the United States, they got the idea to create a startup that aims to maximize the visibility and sales of projects in the sectors of Design, Real Estate and Architecture. They found it important to realize a company that offers many graphical services to their clients.
The products offered by the company are produced with the latest technologies in the visual field. Lightmap Creative guarantees a very high-quality standard and a wide range of possibilities for customization. The result is making visible what has not yet been realized.



Mattia Samuele Colangelo

Mattia Samuele Colangelo


Architect – Head of Visual

foto Niccolò Barberis

Niccolò Barberis


Architect – Project Manager




foto Valeria Maroni

Valeria Maroni

Digital Marketing – Marketing Manager





The office



“We believe that Architecture can change the world and challenge the future, buildings are not just expressive sculpture, they make visible our personal and collective aspiration as a society. We love to give to our works some tangible values, Is not only about pixels, it’s about communication.”

– Lightmap Creative